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Route 69 Vapor  - The local choice for e-cigarettes.

Route 69 Vapor is Des Moines premier electronic cigarette store and lounge. We carry a wide variety of cigarette and smoking alternatives and specialize in electronic cigarettes. We carry the most popular and sought after electronic cigarettes, liquids, and accessories that produce no tobacco smell, ash, or smoke.

Starter kits, e-liquid, and everything you need for e-cigarettes

Our store has hundreds of items to fulfill your e-cigarette needs. Our popular starter kits contain everything you need to transition from harmful traditional cigarettes to the safer electronic cigarette. Come in today to sample all of our e-liquids, vapor accessories, and vapor supplies. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you find the right e-smoking cigarette supplies for your individual smoking levels.

Enjoy the benefits of electronic cigarettes:

No tar

No second hand smoke
No yellow teeth, fingers, walls, etc.

No lingering odors or carbon monoxide

Drop into our store today, conveniently located on Des Moines SE side. Whether you’re trying to cut back on cigarettes or quit altogether, we carry e-cigarettes and all the related products that will allow you to make a smooth transition. Our electronic cigarettes reduce the urge to smoke cigarettes, and we offer various nicotine levels to suit your smoking needs.

We're Not Blowing Smoke!

Route 69 Vapor - Des Moines Premier Vape Shop

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Cityview Best of Des Moines Vape Shop
Cityview Best of Des Moines Vape Shop
Cityview best of Des Moines E-Cig Store
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